Nintendo Launches Super-sized DSi in Japan

After years of continuing miniaturization, it appears that Nintendo has seen the benefits of ‘going large’.

The DSi XL launched in Japan at the weekend, offering significantly larger screens along with a larger, pen-like stylus. The system was announced less than a month before going on sale, and seems to be targeted at older gamers who might have trouble using the regular DSi’s 3.25 inch screens.

The XL (known as the DSi LL in Japan, where LL is shorthand for ‘extra large’) boasts 4.2 inch screens and is significantly larger and heavier than the DSi, weighing in at a hefty 314 grams (compared with the DSi’s svelte 214 grams).

The three available colour schemes –  Wine Red, Dark Brown and Natural White – certainly seem to indicate that Nintendo is aiming the XL at a more mature audience, although there were few silver-haired early adopters in the Akihabara queues.


The DSi XL is scheduled for launch in the US and Europe in the first quarter of 2010.