Modern Warfare 2 vs Avatar

Two Blockbuster, Billion Dollar Titles Visually Compared

January 16, 2010 – Avatar and Modern Warfare 2 have both pulled in sales of more than 1 billion dollars. Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest entertainment release in history while Avatar has steadily pulled in millions each week. Movies and games both now compete with each other for the attention of audiences and for entertainment dollars. The release of Halo 3 and GTA IV led to a decline in theater attendance as millions of gamers stayed at home, and Modern Warfare 2‘s release outpaced that of any Harry Potter book and any movie in history in terms of sales in one week. Gaming and films are competing, and nowhere is this more evident than when looking at Modern Warfare 2 and Avatar.

Avatar is said to be inextricably linked to video games. In this writer’s opinion, it’s the closest thing to watching a video game that I’ve ever seen. Avatar is a stunning experience that is already the second-highest grossing film of all time (not adjusted for inflation) and Modern Warfare 2 was the top-selling game of the year according to the NPD, even though it was only released two months ago.

So how do these two blockbusters match up with each other? The website Business Management put together a graphic highlighting the path both took to crossing the billion dollar mark. Check it out below and let the comments begin.

Source: BME