Gallant Token Launches First Crypto Game in iOS and Android

Gallant Token {coin: GAL}, a development studio that creates DeFi tools and Crypto gaming applications, has released its first game, Gallant Warriors


Gallant Warriors,” a 3D medieval-themed fighting game, is the first of many games from the company that will utilize unique NFT art in-game for special upgrades and skins. Gallant has dubbed its premiere NFT collection “the Gnarly Knights.” The company will begin minting the NFT collection on its website on January 28, 2022, and expects to sell out in less than 24 hours.Gallant has chosen AirNFTs as its partner for its secondary marketplace.


To further develop the community, current Gallant token holders will receive free NFT assets in all upcoming game releases, eligibility for monthly airdrops (free Gallant Tokens), and a lifetime ticket/membership to all in-person Gallant events and tournaments.


“With the NFT market hitting a $22B valuation, we are excited to be a part of this blossoming industry with our forthcoming launch of Gnarly Knights. We created our NFTs to be beautiful digital art and for utility purposes. Each NFT helps gamers enhance the experience in our games,” said Steven Walters, Gallant Token CEO.

Gallant Warriors now available on both iOS and Google Play stores.

About Gallant Token

Gallant is a development studio that creates decentralized finance tools and gaming applications built on the Binance Smart Chain. More than just a crypto token and gaming studio, Gallant has developed a passionate and loyal community from all over the world based on its principles of honesty and transparency. Gallant’s core team is fully doxed, and its goal is to create medieval-inspired games and NFTs that integrate blockchain technology across different platforms.