Gamers Set to Be Thrilled by Launch of First iOS App with PS4 Capabilities

Gamers Set to Be Thrilled by Launch of First App with PS4 Capabilities

A brand-new app developed by Bitwise Solutions is allowing IOS users to enjoy PS4 games on the go for the very first time.

The Playstation 4 console’s remote play feature has only previously been compatible with client software running on Windows, Mac, Sony Vita console and Sony Xperia phones, with no plans to extend its reach to iOS. PlayMira now means that Apple users can now stream their favorite games to their iPhone and iPad devices.

PlayMira is refreshingly easy to set up, allowing play within seconds. The app requires only a reliable internet connection to get started, and doesn’t require a PSN password. Boasting HD 720p video support at 60 frames per second, gameplay is crisp and smooth and the very low latency app can be used alongside any MFi controller, or the built in on-screen controller which can be fully customized. 

As long as the host PS4 console is connected to a home network and linked to a PSN account, PlayMira opens up the world of mobile gaming for iPhones, iPads and iPods like never before.

Ian Callaghan, who oversees marketing for Bitwise Solutions said, “It seemed mad to us that there was such a huge demand for a version of remote play for PS4 that was compatible with an iPhone or iPad yet there wasn’t any technology available to facilitate it. Any gamer will tell you that the ability to play next generation games on their mobile device at 60 frames per second is a dream come true, and there was no reason why this shouldn’t include iOS users.”

The app has already received an overwhelmingly positive response, ranking in the top 15 US entertainment apps continuously over the past three months, and has racked up hundreds of rave reviews from both users a tech websites, including Touch Arcade.

Priced at $9.99 on iTunes, PlayMira has recently been updated, with version 1.7 including 1080p support for PS4 Pro use, upgraded technical support including instant messaging with support staff through the new help button on the home screen.

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Bitwise Solutions founded in Hong Kong in 2016 has been researching and developing ground-breaking new ways to innovate in the mobile tech space with PlayMira being the first of a many apps set to be released.