Red Dead Redemption Hits 7 Million Sales

Talk about big numbers – Take-Two announced today that Red Dead Redemption has sold a ridiculous 6.9 million copies already and is closing in on 7 million. How impressive is that?

The sales totals put Red Dead Redemption in elite territory. In fact, if we go by VGChartz numbers, it would be the top-selling game so far this year, surpassing Wii Sports (6.65 million) and New Super Mario Bros. Wii (5.6 million). That is impressive.

Red Dead Redemption deserves the sales, too. It’s really a fantastically woven yarn about John Marston, a former outlaw who has given up his old life to live on a ranch with his son and wife. However, with the formation of the Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. begins to try “civilizing” the west and Marston’s family is kidnapped and he is forced by the government to round up his old gang members and finish them off.

The story weaves throughout a gigantic, open world, and ends with a bang. It’s a gorgeously realized world, it features fantastic gameplay, and to be honest, it simply is unparalleled this year in terms of immersiveness.

It’s good to see a unique title receiving the types of sales it deserves.

Red Dead Redemption will receive a third DLC pack, Liars and Cheats, on September 21.