New Pokémon Revealed

First Glimpses of Fifth Generation Pokemon Leaked

February 11, 2010 Some first glimpses of fifth generation Pokémon are now floating around the web.

During last week’s Pokémon Sunday show in Japan, they showed off a silhouette figure of a new Pokémon to be featured in the upcoming movie, which loosely translates to “Phantom Champion Z,” and will be featured in the fifth generation of Pokémon role-playing games.

After the magazine CoroCoro set out a teaser about the new Pokémon, Poké-fanatics soon got to work and the first leaked photos appeared on The two pictures, one of Zorua (smaller Pokémon) and one of Zoroark (the larger evolution of the first), show the two Dark type Pokémon that will evidently appear in the new game announced back in January in Japan.

Nintendo has not shared too many details on the game, only hinting that it would have new Pokémon, take place in a new region, and feature new game play concepts. Rumors abound about the two Pokémon and the new game, and according to CoroCoro, there will be a new, interesting method for Pokémon breeding. Possibly a cross-breeding?

Luckily, Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver are due for release in early March, and avid Pokémon gamers will have something to scratch the itch till more news comes from Nintendo.

Heath Wierck

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