SimBin Studios’ Raceroom Racing Open Beta Starts Today


SimBin Studios AB and RaceRoom Entertainment AG have today released the open beta for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

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A wide selection of licensed content is available in the store alongside plenty of free-to-play cars and track layouts. An additional release bonus has been added for all users that register during the first two weeks.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a Free2Race concept where a high end racing game is provided for free via Valves digital game distribution platform, Steam. The game connects fans of racing around a racing game and a motorsports portal, all combined and seamlessly built into one platform making it More Than a Game™.
RaceRoom Racing Experience features a brand new graphical engine, new 7.1 sound engine and unmatched physics and handling. The game is skill based and the only thing that can make you more competitive is the skill and talent that comes through practice.


As part of the Free2Race concept, all registered users are given free access to a wide selection of cars and tracks. The free-to-play content in this release consists of the famous 134 Judd car driven by the late Georg Plasa, Canhard R52, Saleen S7R, Aquila CR1 Sports GT and the DMD P20 together with the RaceRoom Raceway circuit and the scenic Lakeview Hillclimb which is based on a forest road in Sweden.


With this release the store has been opened and additional content is sold using Virtual Race Points (vRP), the store allows users to build personalized race experiences by adding content, game modes, and features.

“We are no longer developing just games; we have created a concept which brings motorsport enthusiasts, virtual racers and gamers together to form one large community. With an ear to the ground we are developing a constant feed of content and features tailored to our fan’s demands.“ – Chris Speed, COO SimBin Studios.
Inside the RaceRoom Racing Experience store today are a selection of race cars from iconic manufacturers like McLaren, RUF, BMW, and Chevrolet. Our store also features world renowned tracks reaching from Europe to Australia and back again.


During the first two weeks from release, SimBin is giving away the Get Real™ game mode, and the learning tool, Apex Hunt™ as a tribute and a thank you to the members of the closed beta.

See the latest video here

R3E Open Beta Intro from Simbin Studios AB on Vimeo.

Download RaceRoom Racing Experience, strap into your favorite car and get ready to share your passion for real and digital racing with others.



FREE2RACE™ – A high end racing game for free
The SimBin interpretation of a skill based free-to-play racing game.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – SimBin quality
The brand new RendR™ graphical engine, new 7.1 sound engine, Immersidrive™, the latest physics and handling model – it is the rebirth of SimBin racing games.

ROOKIE TO PRO – Competing on equal terms
The difficulty levels within the game are designed to appeal to either rookie or pro. Two distinctively different driving models, The Get Real™ and the Amateur Driving Model™ allow users to tailor their own challenges.

GET REAL – Emulate real racing closer than ever before
The Get Real driving model is designed to deliver a racing experience emulating real racing closer than ever before. Use traction control like real race drivers uses it, change the setup of your car to make it a perfect match to your driving style.

APEX HUNT – Track knowledge is key
Apex Hunt is a learning tool to help you get familiar with all the tracks and varied layouts of RaceRoom Racing Experience. Once you have learned your way around the tracks, the Apex Hunt™ transforms into a challenge of your skill.

SKILL BASED GAMING – It takes talent to master
The only thing that can make you faster or better than your opponents is the skill and talent that comes through practice.

GAME & COMMUNITY PORTAL – Seamless interaction is a motorsport hub that thrives on virtual as well as real life motorsports and is seamlessly integrated with the game.

SOCIAL GAMING – Meet, greet and compete
Join in organized competitions and share your competitive passion with motorsports enthusiasts from around the world.

USER GENERATED CONTENT – Connect, create and share
Registered users have their own digital persona where achievements and performance are tracked. Replays and images are stored in the media hub from where the user can edit and
share select content.

About RaceRoom Racing Experience
RaceRoom Racing Experience, also referred to as R3E, is a Free2Race game featuring a community portal and an online store integrated into one – making it More Than a Game™. In store are official racetracks and racecars, new but also classic game modes and features. RaceRoom Racing Experience™ is powered by SimBin’s latest physics evolution, ImmersiDrive™ and is set to deliver the best racing experience in SimBin history. Find more information on

About SimBin Studios AB
SimBin Studios is an award winning Swedish game development company with special focus on authentic racing games. With multiple industry awards and critically acclaimed titles in the bag already, the continued goal is to make authentic race gaming equally enjoyable and rewarding for beginners as well as for the hardcore veterans of the genre. In the SimBin portfolio of developed games you will find award winning self-owned immaterial properties like the GTR and RACE game franchises next to Free2Race game concepts such as RaceRoom Racing Experience as well as Volvo The Game. Find more information on

About RaceRoom Entertainment AG
The company, based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, is an entertainment company with business premises for virtual motor sport, hardware and software developments in Germany and Sweden, which are used in stationary, mobile and online business models. As a division of KW automotive GmbH – the market leader and innovator for individual suspension solutions for the street and racing applications – and in cooperation with the game developer SimBin Studios, RaceRoom concepts are developed to make the fascination of motor sports virtually accessible to the wide public. RaceRoom offers point of sales- and event solutions and turns to the steadily growing online community of virtual motor sports with RaceRoom Racing Experience, a brand operated in the company network. In addition, flexible configurable gameseat systems for Home Entertainment are developed and sold. Find more information on