PS3 Firmware v4.10 Holds Awesome New “Feature”… Dropbox Support is Finally Here

With the release of PS3 firmware v4.10, gamers across the PlayStation Network are now not only scurrying around their consoles to find new, and often hidden features added by Sony, but are also exploring the upgraded web browser. However, with that upgraded browser now comes support for what could be considered a killer app on the PS3… Dropbox support.

If there’s one thing that many, many PS3 owners have been longing for, it was Dropbox support on their consoles. For those not familiar with the service, Dropbox allows users to upload files from their computers (movies, music, etc.), and then download those files from just about anywhere, and now that “anywhere” includes the PlayStation 3. Dropbox’s main site was previously unusable on the PlayStation 3, but is now fully functional (except for uploads from the PS3 itself, which may cause the system to freeze).

We tested everything from music to movies, all downloaded with no problems at all, and boy were the downloads fast! This is one incredible addition to the PS3 arsenal, and may very well have gone unnoticed by many. With Dropbox offering 2GB free just for signing up, folks will no longer have to worry about portable hard drives and USB thumb drives to move their content to their PS3… how cool is that!?

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