Impressive Screenshots for Disciples 3: Resurrection

Disciples III is shaping up to be a very nice looking game. Check out the latest screenshots after the jump.

Akella reveals the background of “Undead Hordes” in Disciples 3: Resurrection. Akella unveils a back story of Undead Hordes, the new playable race of Disciples 3: Resurrection. This time the goal of creatures worshiping to the Goddess of Death is to defend Her trampled honor and to punish an impostor encroaching to a pedestal of Mortis.

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Here are the latest screenshots

Disciples 3: Resurrection is a new landmark in the history of Nevendaar, when a new race ascends to power – the ruthless and merciless Undead Hordes. It is the story of selfless love and unfading glory. Heroes of the past, who had lost their lives, but not their sentience, are taking revenge in the name of Mortis, the Goddess of Death.

History of Undead Hordes’ ascending:

For ten years the Empire of Men had prospered. Their triumphant wars had won them new lands and multiplied their wealth. For ten years had Emperor Ferre the 1st ruled his land with an iron hand, rewarding his loyal vassals and chastising the disliked ones. There were rumors about his ascension on the throne, but no one dared to openly express discontent. But the black clouds on the East have already risen, foreshadowing great sorrow and pain.
Sir Lambert has disappeared, and his fate after the fall of Izerel remained uncertain. From the depth of the seas Undiguillash, the Queen of the merfolk, emerged on the surface. A strange artifact gave her great powers, almost divine. It was then, when Gallean’s distorted mind recognized familiar features of his former wife in the youthful mermaid. He dreamed that there never were darkness, death or grievous losses. Inhabitants of the Tola archipelago, who had witnessed the appearance of the fair maiden, dubbed her the new Soloniel, and love and tenderness embraced Gallean’s tormented soul. But there were darkness, and death, and losses.
The warriors of the Undead Hordes rose from their ashes to punish the deceitful impostor and to defend the defied honor of their Lady. The undead army took the field in the North, where a great warlord of the past was brought back from Oblivion to answer the calling of Mortis.
Very soon the earth will start to tremble, and the citizens of the Empire shall once again know what terror is.
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