Valve Preparing Mac Announcement

Last week, gamers who like to delve into coding discovered that the beta version of Steam’s User Interface update included Mac coding. The internet soon became alive with rumors regarding Steam coming to the Mac, which now seems to be confirmed.

Valve released a series of screenshots to select media outlets featuring unique screenshots that herald their titles on the Mac. The screens range from Team Fortress 2 miniguns to Gordon Freeman to Alyx Vance, each of them bedecked in Mac colors and references.

Valve’s Steam service delivers games directly to users’ computers but has been an exclusive PC-entity for years. Now, with Mac’s running on Intel processors, however, the ability to use the system for gaming has improved greatly. It seems that not only will Steam be arriving on Mac OS X, but Valve’s games may also be arriving given their appearance in the screenshots.

Could it be that in the very near future Mac gamers will be able to play Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead without using bootcamp? Look for an announcement to come from Valve any day now, and we’ll have the news as soon as it is revealed.

For now, check out some of the sweet screens below and get excited if you own a Mac – your gaming days are finally upon you.

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