New Mass Effect Coming In 2011

EA Says “Something Far-Reaching” Coming From Mass Effect in 2011

February 9, 2010 – BioWare and EA have “something far-reaching” planned for Mass Effect in early 2011. During yesterdays investor conference call following the release of their 3rd Quarter 2010 Fiscal Results, EA announced that BioWare would be helming a new Dragon Age title as well as the aforementioned Mass Effect outing.

The Mass Effect title is scheduled to arrive in the 4th Quarter of the company’s 2011 fiscal year. The 4th Quarter of the 2011 fiscal year encompasses the time between January 1 and March 31.

BioWare has already indicated that they want to “make Mass Effect 3 a fairly short turnaround.” Could the new title be Mass Effect 3? An early 2011 release date would be a quick turnaround indeed, taking only a year to produce. It may also be one of the titles that EA and BioWare have promised that will extend beyond Commander Shepard’s story and into the Mass Effect universe.

The speculation about what the Mass Effect title will be could very well be endless. It could be additional Mass Effect 2 content, it could also be a PlayStation 3 port of the first two games in the series — which could be defined as “far-reaching” because of the audience it would pull in for the series — or it could be an entirely new IP set in the Mass Effect universe. The possibilities are endless.