Gears of War and Lost Planet 2 Cross Paths

Marcus and Dom Kicking Ass In Lost Planet 2

January 26, 2010 – Lost amidst the numerous release dates announced at the Capcom x Microsoft Title Premiere today was the announcement that Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago will be making an appearance in Lost Planet 2.

Sure, it’s not the Gears of War 3 announcement that we hoped Cliff Bleszinski was hinting at yesterday when he tweeted “Kick ass news soon. VERY soon!” But, a trailer shown at the Xbox Japan event showed Marcus and Dom kicking alien ass in Lost Planet 2, which was cool enough to make my jaw drop and make a grown man giddy with excitement.

It’s not clear whether Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, the main characters from the Gears of War series will be playable during the campaign or only in multiplayer action, but the new trailer is absolutely wicked. Check it out below courtesy of YouTube!

Now doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside?