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PlayStation Home gets FREE Gold Clothing


Lockwood publishing wishes to thank all of their 20K+ Facebook followers by giving away free gold clothing.

Details after the jump.

PlayStation Home Giving Away Free Sword for Lockwood Fans


Lockwood Publishing wants to give you a FREE SWORD for PlayStation Home. Find out how to get yours after the jump.

WIN Iron Fusion Wraiths in PlayStation Home Plus Check Out User Generated Content


WIN Iron Fusion Wraiths!

If you’re a Twitter user, just follow @LockwoodLKWD and ReTweet THIS TWEET to enter! They’ve got 10 codes to giveaway here.

If you’re a Facebook user, go HERE and follow the steps, They’ve got 10 more codes to giveaway there.

If you use Twitter and Facebook, feel free to enter both!

User Generated Content in PlayStation®Home

Home user, Jennifer Whitbread, sent them some clothing concepts a while back and they liked them so much that they created one of them in Home!

They have four more of her concepts below and they’d like you to help them choose which one to make next! To help them decide, go HERE and leave your choice in the comments section.


If you fancy your hand at designing something for Home, don’t hesitate to send them your ideas: contact@lockwood-studios.com

If you’d like to know more about how Jennifer’s concept art made its way into Home, read this fantastic Q&A with her!

Coming Up Next Week in PlayStation Home


Win a Horse to ride around PlayStation Home


WIN a HORSE to ride around PlayStation Home!

Lockwood Publishing’s Mercia: Fractured Realms PlayStation Home Demo Taken Down


Sometimes success and popularity isn’t a good thing.

Details after the jump.

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