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E3 2010: XCOM Screens and Trailer

XCOM was just recently announced, and now we already have a whole host of images to check out. Thanks to the media fest that is E3, 2K has released some beautiful shots showing off the game and it’s characters.

And, there is also a stunning trailer. Trust me, the action is unbelievable. Check out the gallery and the trailer after the break. And get excited (unless you’re an X-Com purist, then you’re probably just pissed off.)

Review – BioShock 2

BioShock 2 is a great game. Masterfully crafted by 2K Marin, it retains the atmosphere that made BioShock such an innovative and stunning exploration in 2007 while also telling a story that adds to the lore of Rapture, the city under the sea in which BioShock takes place.

BioShock 2 tells the story of Subject Delta, the original Big Daddy. Forced to kill himself at the beginning of the story, he awakes from his wounds ten years later, still alive though uncertain about his past. As Subject Delta you have to explore Rapture’s crumbling ruins to try and find your daughter, Eleanor.

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