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Soul Axiom Review – Forgettable Afterlife

Soul Axiom_20160609224217

The developers of Master Reboot, Wales Interactive, now bring us a story of life after death. Was it a memorable affair, or should you just forget about Soul Axiom?

Read our review to find out.

Hard Reset Redux Review – Old School FPS Fun

Hard Reset Redux_20160606115942

Old school FPS games seem to be on the rise and developer Flying Wild Hog hopes you’ll like their remastered version of Hard Reset Redux. Read our review to find out if we did.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Impressions – Running With Faith


We spent the weekend playing the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta and hung out with faith in the City of Glass.

Dark Souls 3 Review – A Light in the Darkness


Dark Souls 3 hs been released upon the masses and a new set of monsters are crawling out of the darkness, but how does it weigh against those that came before it?

Read our review to find out

DiRT Rally Review – An Unforgiving Precision Racer


DiRT Rally has been unleashed on the masses. Is it worthy of your time, or is it best left in the pits?

Read our review to find out.