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PS4 System Update v1.75 Live – Download Links Here


The new system update v1.75  for the PS4 is now live.

Read on for the links.

FML Gamer Episode 5 – PS Vita: The Prodigal Son?


What’s up Gamers?! Welcome to another episode of FML Gamer. Today, I talk about the PSVITA. It’s not doing as well as expected and we ask if Sony give up on it and stop making games for it?

Review – The Swapper : Can you Swap a Soul?


Developed by Facepalm Games, The Swapper was released for the PC, Mac and Linux back in May of 2013 and was well received across the board. With help from developer Curve Studios, the game is now ready for console release and we have been playing it on our PS3, PS4 and PS Vita for a week. Was it a successful swap over to the console platforms?

Read our review to find out.

PS4 System Update v1.74 Live Now – Download Links Here


PS4 System Update v1.74 Live Now – Download Links Here

MLB 14: The Show’s Challenge of the Week is the Battle of the Windy City


MLB 14: The Show heads to Chitown for this week’s match-up and Amazon lists the game for $39.99!

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