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Don’t Steal from Jobul in MLB The Show 17’s Challenge of the Week

MLB The Show 17 heads to Cleveland for a Major League match-up in the Challenge of the Week.



The History of TEKKEN Shared in 8-Bit Cinema Glory

The TEKKEN franchise is one of the videogame industry’s longest running series encompassing over 20 years of history. This 20-year history also means numerous plot-points within the TEKKEN saga may have been forgotten or lost to the annals of time.

MLB The Show 17 Dev Team Sending Out Apology Email Plus Bonuses

MLB The Show 17 has, yet again, suffered server issues at launch and the Dev Team wants to apologize.

MLB The Show 17 Heads to South Beach for the Challenge of the Week

MLB The Show 17 heads to Miami for the Challenge of the week.



The Surge Gets a Behind the Scenes Trailer

Hardcore action-RPG The Surge comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 16, 2017. Go behind the scenes in today’s trailer, as the Deck13 team discusses how they created the game’s brutal combat and unique sci-fi setting.

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