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Review – LittleBigPlanet 2

One of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives of 2011 is set to release and we have been playing it like crazy. Does it measure up to Sackboy’s first installment, or is it all washed up? Read our review after the jump.

Off Topic – Inception

Even though we are primarily a gaming-oriented site, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about the best movie to hit theaters in a very long time. I’m speaking, of course, of the newly released Inception. If you’ve got the time, join me after the jump to find out why you absolutely have to see this movie while it’s still in theaters.

Off The Record – The “Decay” of The Survival Horror Genre

There was a time in gaming history when the genre of survival horror meant two things. You felt alone, constantly low on ammunition, health items, and save points. You were surviving. Secondly it regarded the persistent uneasiness which couldn’t be shaken throughout the entire game, things were actually scary. You were horrified. It has come to my attention that, perhaps in the same way that the platforming genre has been slowly phased out, the survival horror genre is decaying. Pun intended. Are you ready for another Off The Record? Then join me after the break.

Off The Record – Motion Based Gaming

With the release of the Nintendo Wii in 2006 it was clear, casual gaming is the new way to make money. Sadly, that’s what the industry has become, yet another monopoly where the big wigs strive to plant, nourish, and harvest cash crops. No longer is the gaming industry a couple of socially awkward friends in a basement coding the sequel to Zork. It goes without saying that this is a good thing for us gamers. Without competition from the heads of major industry leaders there would be little to no drive towards advancement in the games themselves. Whether that advancement be made via story, graphics engines, orchestral soundtracks, or just genre overhaul in general, we can safely put our bets on the idea that a push forward is a good thing for the gamers. However, with Nintendo’s withdrawal from the on-going battle between the three heads of the gaming industry hydra (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) that leaves us with only two companies to duke it out in a Battle Royal-esque, profit-seeking, power struggle. Even worse is the fact which grows more and more obvious with every revealed “project” detail. That glaring fact is simply that Sony and Microsoft are giving the gaming community the same merchandise with a different coat of sheen per system.

Review – Groovin’ Blocks

Groovin’ blocks is a standard puzzle game with a new twist. The challenge is to line up three blocks of the same color to make them disappear and the twist is to drop those blocks to the beat of some cool techno music. It has over fifty levels and twenty original songs.