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PlayStation TV Now Selling for $19.99


Sony’s PlayStation TV, which originally launched in the US for $100, is currently available for just $20 from the official Sony Store.

Lego Bundle on sale as well

PlayStation Emailing Folks About Foldable Papercrafts for Their Birthday


Is your birthday coming up? PlayStation has a sweet little gift for you.

Don’t want to wait? Download the papercrafts here.

US PlayStation Plus August Free Games Ready and Waiting for PS Plus members Now


The PS Store won’t officially update until after 2PM Pacific Time but PS Plus members can already start downloading free games for August.

The Swindle Infiltrates Digital Storefronts

Heist-Based Steampunk Stealth-Platformer Now Available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Windows and Mac; Xbox One and Wii U Versions to Sneak in Shortly Thereafter

Final Dates for PlayStation Mobile Support Sent Out in Latest Email


PlayStation Mobile fans must prepare for the end of the service

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