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First Resistance 3 Screens Are Here

Want to see the first screens of Resistance 3? Of course you do!

They’re after the break, and good God, they’re gorgeous. The collection of 18 screens and concept art pieces on Flickr provide a first glimpse at Insomniac’s third game in the series. Earlier this summer, at gamescom, a live trailer was revealed, showing off a depressing vision of a devastated, destroyed America.

The third resistance appears to be set in St. Louis and though no release date has been set, these screens seem to indicate it’s being worked on at a strong pace. My guess would be that we will be seeing it sometime next year.

Gaze upon the pictures and enjoy them!

Good Old Games Isn’t Dead After All

As many of you may know, several days ago, Good Old Games acted as though they were closing their doors. No more King’s Quest, no more Fallout, no more Gabriel Knight. No more Good Old Games. There was a huge eruption on the internet, and then, today, a press conference.

The team behind Good Old Games showed up today in monk’s robes and proceeded to announce that the site isn’t closing down, but rather, is leaving beta stage and entering a final, complete stage. The website will be slick and ready to bring even better old games.

MS Offering Users Ability to Check Out Next Dashboard Update

Today Microsoft announced a preview of the new Xbox 360 System Update, available to thousands of Xbox LIVE users, both Silver and Gold.

In order to test the System Update and see how it performs ahead of its official release, Microsoft has announced that they will enable users to sign up and receive access to the Preview Program.

10 Minutes of BioShock Infinite Gameplay

I’m excited about BioShock Infinite. How excited? Well, so excited that I wrote up an in-depth analysis of the first trailer as soon as I found it. Why? Well, to be honest, it’s from the maker of BioShock and System Shock. And if you know either or both of those games you know how epic they are.

This week, Irrational Games promised a sneak peek at 10 minutes of gameplay footage, the same 10 minutes that were shown to journalists on the floor at gamescom last month in Germany. The result? A beautiful display of both indoor and outdoor combat and environments. It’s well worth checking out once, or twice, or ten times. Seriously.

Check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Love it? Hate it? Think it’s original or derivative? Let us know!

Review – NHL 11

NHL 10 was a huge step up from NHL 09 and NHL 08, and along those same lines, the NHL series continues to thrive with the latest game in the series, NHL 11, which was released last week.

NHL 11 introduces a huge list of innovations to the series, more so than basically any year in the past, and they all make a great difference in how the game plays and create an incredible gaming environment. NHL 11 isn’t just good, it’s a great game, one of the best sports games of the decade.