Destiny 2 Console Open Beta Begins July 21 –

By: Louis Edwards

Players globally can play the Destiny 2 console open beta on July 21 through July 23.



The Destiny 2 beta will feature a variety of activities including the opening story mission, Homecoming, and cooperative and competitive modes.


Pre-order early access to the beta on PlayStation 4 begins July 18. For Xbox One players, early access begins July 19.


You can view the Official Destiny 2 Beta Trailer

Start Times for the Beta are as Follows

Xbox One
Preorder early access: July 19 @ 10:00am PT
General access: July 21 @ 10:00am PT

PlayStation 4
Preorder early access: July 18 @ 10:00am PT
General access: July 21 @ 10:00am PT


  • Hvd

    destiny 1.5 expansion..lmao.have fun playing the same crap over and over again.bungie is lazy.if you followed destiny you know they took half the dlc out when they launched the game then charged them $40 for the dlc in the taken king…lmao.

    cant wait for halo 6 and anthem.#boycotting destiny1.5 expansion on xbox

  • Russell Gorall

    Can’t wait for it to come to the bargain bin. By the way, is the Rise of Iron ever going to go on sale? I have seen it with all the Destiny content (The Collection?) at 30 bucks, but have never seen Rise of Iron on sale.

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