Sony Email Campaign: Win a Vita and Three Top Games

By: Louis Edwards


Sony wants to introduce you to the new PS Vita, and then give you a chance to win one plus three top games.

Free is always good, but you’ll need to answer five questions quickly in order to win. Up for grabs is the new PS Vita Slim, with it’s internal 1GB storage and lighter overall weight plus three free games.



First prize:

• A brand new PS Vita 2000 series.

• Voucher codes to download three games from PlayStation Store®: LEGO® The Hobbit, PS Vita Pets and The Sly Trilogy.

Five runners-up:

• Voucher codes to download LEGO® The Hobbit, PS Vita Pets and The Sly Trilogy.

What are you waiting for? Loosen up those fingers and get ready to speed type.

Enter the contest here

  • Guest

    Hahaha, NO THANKS! The dead Vita is the last thing anybody with a brain would want to win.

  • nonscpo

    How wrong you are. The Vita is amazing, soo many non-indie games to play that its just laughable.

  • Agent_Blade

    this comment obviously means you have not even the slightest clue on how many quality game that are on Vita.

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