Sony Now Sending Out Destiny First Look Alpha Codes VIA Email and PSN

By: Louis Edwards


Those of you that applied for your Alpha Codes need to check your email. Codes are going out now.


Hi ********,Welcome to the Destiny First Look Alpha, a small sampling of activities you’ll find in the final experience. Destiny is an action game that combines the campaign story, cooperative, and competitive modes you expect, with in-depth character creation and a huge variety of weapons, armor, and combat abilities. Create a character. Take it into every mode. Venture out into the world alone, or play with friends in search of action and adventure.The Destiny First Look Alpha is not final. Players may experience bugs and incomplete features. Thanks for helping us pave the way to Beta, and Destiny’s launch on September 9th, 2014.The Ultimate Destiny™ Experience is only on PlayStation®


Bungie, PlayStation and Activision

Download size is 6.2GB. Did you get your code?

  • stephen

    My email wasn’t verified until after I signed up for the beta and looks like I am not getting a code because of it :/

  • BerserkBat

    I haven’t received mine and it’s 9:04 PM EST. :/

  • Jeremy Straughan

    I just got mine via psn, go to your notifications, go all the way to the bottom.and check the tan that says “from PlayStation” with a megaphone logo.

  • Jose Hernandez Jr.

    Just got mine in an email! Too bad I’m at work right now!

  • Guest

    Too bad, the game is not that great.

  • bigshynepo

    Been playing since yesterday afternoon. It plays and handles almost exactly like Halo, the double jump is a nice touch though. Multiplayer is fun, and the graphics are definitely nice but I think the game has a long way to go. Every store front is very similar, there was nothing to make the vendors stand out to me.

    At times I had deja vu, running around the plaza feels like mass effect/kotor. Perhaps the most noticeable thing was the constant respawn of enemies. I’d kill some guys, only for them to re-appear if I went to kill a guy over the next hill. The AI needs to be worked on big time and they need to get rid of the constant enemy respawn to get rid of the Oblivion feel, where there was ALWAYS an enemy bothering you.

  • TraceSkipper

    You in the wrong article. Titanfall article is on the next page.

  • Ibrahim Chhaya

    I felt that BURN!!

  • lavadius eubanks

    I signed up on day one and didn’t get anything

  • Jeremy Kei

    I didnt even request one and they sent it to me, does everyone receive it ?
    Or just selected people?