Pool Nation Gets the Greenlight and is Headed for Steam

By: Louis Edwards


Good news pool lovers, Steam has greenlit its first pool game.  Pool Nation is coming to the PC.


On 29 July 2013 at 6.29pm Pool Nation embarked on its quest to be greenlit on Steam. Thanks to all the support it received, just one month later the good news was received Pool Nation’s pursuit for the big green thumbs up was successful! This will be the first Pool Game to be released on Steam – ever!

We will be giving PS3 codes away to a few folks that leave comments below, so be sure to leave us a message.

Here’s the launch video for the game to remind you of how awesome it is.


  • John T.

    This game looks so awesome! Good job on getting greenlit! I’d love a code. Thank you.

  • Spenser

    I would like a code as well; I have been waiting on a good pool game for ages. I still someone will make a great pool game with an incredible career mode playing people like Van Boening and Archer in the states, Appleton in England, Reyes/Pagulayan in the Philippines.

  • Chris Boers

    Of course I backed the greenlight campaign, and congratulations on getting greenlit this quickly. Shows that quality is recognized. Pool Nation is the only guaranteed rip-free poll game out there.
    That said, I still don’t have a PS3 code, so that would be very welcome.

  • Tanelorn82

    It’s been a while since I played a good pool game on console. I wouldn’t say no to a PS3 code.

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