PS3 System Update 4.41 Incoming

By: Louis Edwards


Sony has announced their next Software Update for the PS3

From PlayStation’s Twitter feed

Stay tuned as we will have download links once they become available.

*** Update is now out ***

  • Jack

    Sony will be destroyed in the next generation. Good luck!

  • Daniel

    what a childish statement you came all the way here to hear that remember it is a new generation and all that is good has been seen in this one meaning Sony may have learned more than Microsoft did just like Microsoft did when the ps2 was out. Use your head and stop acting childish and how do i know you would act childish and talk about Microsoft and not Nintendo because this is even low for them. to the real truth nothing graphically would ever beat the pc and oh yeah Sony went full spec PC for the next generation. Oh yeah bet you can’t name me a game that Microsoft produced that is not kinect related and not multi plat and not the usual 5 game titles that they have oh and another thing if they were so good they would come up with their own title not steal them from Sony. once they come up with their own library and once they actually come out with a system we can talk. truth be told if Sony had come out first and price wasn’t where it was you would be talking a new tune. Now how childish do i sound right now. Do yourself a favor and GET A LIFE.

  • Roger

    PuaperStation fans have no life, that’s why they parasite the entire internet from N4G.
    It’s over for Sony, cry me a river!

  • XbotsAhoy

    Awww xbox only kiddies are still mad xbox failed so hard this gen and will pull a nintendo this one coming up.

  • Shendow

    Wow, Xbox users talking trash? Thats all they can do, seeing how Xbox is like the Wii. Maybe nice gen if Xbox users are lucky, maybe Microsoft might let Rare make good games that aren’t Kinect and Fable won’t suck.

    But they are going to milk Gears and Halo as much as they can, seeing thats all Microsoft does.

    At least Sony gives time for a new one of their games, plus with Microsoft with no hold on Bungie. I think Sony and Bungie are going to be making some awesome games.

    P.S. Can’t talk big on the new Xbox when theirs no specs out yet (non from Microsoft themselfs). Oh yeah, have fun if you have to be online all the time.

  • Redd

    Humm looks like the old fanboys are out, did you guys bring some tissue? you will need it after the Playstation 4 comes out as it will crush Microsoft big time.
    I wonder how many Xbox’s you guys will need to buy this time, I am on my original one and it is getting pretty old, my PS3 is around the same age and still kicking.

    Oh did I mention that the piece of shit that Microsoft has did have the red ring of death, but I fixed it and it is still working ok.

    My friend is on like his 4th 360… I wish Microsoft would just curl up in a ball and roll away.. they had their shot and lost..

    Who is gonna get a 720?? yep you have to have it connected to the internet at all times!!!!!!!!!! and you cannot play used games either !!!! perhaps you guys can play Halo 5 and Gears of war VI … crappy games anyhow….

    Sony will win…

  • Steve

    Thank you to all the supporters of Sony. You make the trash talking children of the Xbox world bearable. I hope you Microsoft bitchs find out you have to be connected all the time to the net to use your console after you already paid for it, take the wind outta your sails for a bit and make you wake up to the fact that Xbox is NOT the best. I’m not saying Sony is eather but I see less Sony fans bitching about Microsoft then I do the other way around. I got a mate who’s a big fan of Xbox, always has been and probly always will be but even he think Microsoft move in regards to there next gen console are fucking stupid. So I end my rant by simply saying, eat a dick Microsoft.

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