How To Setup LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3) and the PS Vita for Cross Controller Play

By: Louis Edwards


The new Cross Controller DLC is now out for LittleBigPlanet 2 but some users have been having issues getting it to work properly.

Follow our steps and see if we can help you out.


First off: Make sure both your PS3 and PS Vita have the most up-to-date firmware running on it. If not, update your systems. In addition, make sure your remote play has been set up prior. Here’s a handy little guide with some troubleshooting tips as well. [Link]

After purchasing the LBP 2 Cross-Controller pack on your PS3, these are the steps you’ll need to take to get it up and running:

Download the LBP 2 Cross-Controller unlock from the PlayStation Network store.

After the pack has been downloaded, click on the bubble under your game menu (just like you would install any other downloaded item). At this point, it will prompt you to hook up your PlayStation Vita and run the content manager. Hook up your PlayStation Vita to your PS3 via USB. Once the systems are connected, click on “content manager” on your Vita. From there, follow the steps to connect your PS3 to your Vita and install the LBP 2 Cross-Controller content on your Vita. Once this is completed, you can disconnect your Vita from your PS3 and close the Content Manager.

You will note that a bubble is still on your PS3 for the LBP 2 Cross-Controller add-on. Click on the bubble and it will now install on your PS3.

Now you will need to go on your PS3 and launch LittleBigPlanet 2. If you have not already done so, a patch will be downloaded and installed (about 1GB) for the Cross-Controller compatibility.

Once LBP 2 has launched on your PS3 and you are in your Pod, press the square button to access your LBP pod menu via the on-screen controller (just like you’re going to play any other game in LBP 2). From there, you should see “Cross-Controller” on the right side of your screen. Click it. Now it will ask you to pick up your PlayStation Vita and start the “Remote Play” app. On the “Remote Play” app, you will see “cross-controller.” Click “Cross Controller.”
Follow the on-screen instructions and click “next”. The Vita and PS3 should start communicating automatically. An app of 468MB will need to download and install on your Vita from the Remote Play Cross-Controller screen. This should happen automatically if you have followed all the other steps.


Once the app has downloaded, press the “PS” button on your Vita and the app should install. You will now see a new app on your Vita called, “LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller.”


At this time, everything is ready for you to start playing. Hopefully you left your PS3 as it was. If not, make sure you’re on LBP 2 on your PS3 and follow the steps mentioned before, once again to go to the “Cross-Controller” section of the game. If it’s already there, you should see a “remote play” screen.

Now, go back to your PlayStation Vita and launch the LBP 2 cross-controller app from the Live Area. If everything is set up correctly, it will go right into the game and you can start playing.


If, after all of this, you are still having issues, then you may need to tweak your network connections on the PS3 and the PS Vita. If you followed the Remote Play guide we linked to earlier, you should be halfway there.

Once you’ve set the Primary and Secondary DNS on your PS3 (we use Primary | Secondary, go to your network connection settings on your Vita and do the same there.

For the PS3:

You have to not use the easy settings and use the custom settings. 1st thing you need to know is the IP set-up of your network. Look on the XMB of the PS3 when it is connected and look at Settings >> Network Settings >> Settings and Connection Status List. It will list what your current IP address is as well as other info. Make a note of that, your default router’s address, and your DNS information. Hit circle to back up one step and then go to Internet Connection Settings. Once selected, you will have to sign out.

  • Select ‘Custom’ and then ‘Wireless’
  • Scan for your router and then select it.
  • The security is based on what you are using for your router so that is specific to you.
  • Next is the IP Address Setting.
  • Select ‘Manual’ and then on the next page you will need the info you should have wrote down earlier but change the last digit of the IP address.

If the PS3’s Ip was

  • Make it
  • The Subnet mask is almost always

I use public DNS servers myself:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Once all info is entered, hit the d-pad right
MTU is auto
d-pad right
No proxy
d-pad right
UPnP should be enabled
d-pad right

Save your connection settings and exit.

For the PS Vita you should be connecting to th3e same network so the same basic information applies. You should be able to leave the IP address set to automatic but you’ll need to make sure the DNS server addresses are the same. Go to your network settings on the PS Vita and check the advanced settings for your home network.


Set the Primary and Secondary DNS addresses to use the same as the PS3 and you should be good to go.

If you are still having issues, post below and we will try to help you out.

[Thanks to Simply G and for the help in writing this]

  • Richard Bowen

    Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me. I’ve tried everything you have suggested but it still isn’t working. I can’t get my Vita connect via cross play on lbp2 :(. The only thing I didn’t do was set the ps3 up wirelessly as it is wired straight to router, does this make a difference?
    It just stays on stage one of the blue screen and not picking up the ps3.
    Please help.
    Kind regards

  • Richard Bowen

    Just set it all up for wireless and still nothing with all the same settings as mentioned!

  • Tyler W

    everytime I plug in my vita and start content manager nothing happens its just goes to the regular content manager and wont install the cross controller app … HELP !!!

  • d lowe

    mine still isnt connecting either. i tried what you said above

  • panda_supreme

    mine gets to 236mb download then freezes….utter shi@#e

  • Anonymous

    It says download bubble? Mine downloads way to fast to background download the dlc, Sony as f**ked up with this, wii u bashers

  • Thomas

    Unfortunately I too am getting the issue when trying to tranfer data. I get the standard copy menu, then it says I can not copy this application.

  • McBrain

    at Anonymous:
    It’s only an unlock, the actual Cross-Controller features came with a patch.

    at Tyler W:
    Open Content Manager, connect to PS3, click on Applications then on Applications downloaded on PS3, copy the file and it will automatically install. Then proceed as explained above.

    I have the same problem as Richard Bowen and d lowe, my Vita won’t connect to my PS3. Remote play works perfectly fine, but Cross-Controller just won’t work.

    Everything is updated to latest version, did everything as you said.
    Please help.

  • panda_supreme

    and my solution is where?? 236mb and still freezing grr

  • SimonX

    I had problems, I guess because I skipped connecting Vita via content manager, just downloaded dlc for Vita from PS Store on Vita.
    Now I followed this guide exactly step by step and vita connected to ps3, now its downloading the app 🙂 I guess now it will work, thanks for the guide!

  • SimonX

    Well… My joy was too early. I have crooss controller app installed on Vita, but now, when I try to connect from this app to lbp2 on ps3 it is just trying to connect and it stays that way forever… nothing happens 🙁

  • Kovalik317

    I followed everything from this guide and still stuck at the cross-controller screen waiting for the ps3 and vita to communicate. Thoughts?

  • SimonX

    Well, this shit is not working, and I don’t even know who I could ask for help. On page I see only FAQ, no contact to support. Just great :/ I want my money back :/

  • Lance_Akiro

    hey if anyone needs help on this add me on skype and i will help set it up for you this did really work for me and i would think it works for everyone else. if you have skype add me on there is stephen.haynes022085

  • Anonymous

    Lance_Akiro What is you PSN ID maybe you can help me this way

  • wright593

    I got stuck on this for hours. The PS3 and the Vita simply wouldn’t connect to transfer the 450Mb of data. The problem went away after setting the IP address to manual on both devices. Even then it took a couple of restarts after the download got stuck, but it got there in the end.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with the systems reading each other. I have a problem where it will start DLing on the Vita, and go as far as 256 MB and then stop, and reset the whole DL!! This shit is getting frustrating!!

  • Thank you guys a million im downloading the pack as we speak follwed the directions to the “T”! Cels1287 on psn if anyone is looking for someone decent with logic and objects

  • If anyone is still having trouble, feel free to contact me. I’ll try to help you out some more.

  • Anonymous

    I have downloaded lbp 2 dlc and only one of two parts will transfer to my ps3 slim.

    I am only getting the ps vita part to transfer via content manager but the ps3 add on says downloaded but does not show in downloaded section really bizarre!!!!

    Phoned sony and spoke to a guy for 25 mins and utterly useless wate of space – matter now been escalated to technical and I have sent them an email too!!!!

    Hope this shit gets sorted soon crappy dlc pack!!!

  • Lance_Akiro

    TO the Anonymous that asked for my PSN ID you just said it LOL but for ppl that are seeking help on this just add me on PSN or SKype which ever helps with the communication part

  • panda_supreme

    this still ist workin g for me. tried for 2 days now. gets to 236 mb then restarts twice then freezes. anyone have any ideas my psn is panda_supreme or email me at

  • Richard Bowen

    I managed to get it sorted in the end, it’s working perfectly. It’s all to do with your connection, I thought it wasn’t the case because I had done everything that was suggested or at least I thought I did. All the sites which gave info on how to get round the problem were saying that your DNS numbers needed to be the same on both systems (Public DNS Secondary DNS This is true but what they didn’t make clear is the IP addresses. Write down the ps3 IP address and change the Vita’s IP to the same as the ps3 but changing the very last number to one less. For example if the ps3 IP ends in 15, change it to 14 on the Vita. Keep the Gateway IP exactly the same. Once I done that, it worked perfectly. My PSN is MuttsNuts77

  • Nightwing

    Richard Bowen, you are a genius and a scholar sir, tried everything in the guide, it didn’t work, tried what you suggested and changed the Vita’s IP and it connected instantly, downloading the crossplay app as we speak, thank you sir.

  • markadias

    Richard you provided the perfect answer, without it there is no way i would of figured this out. I salute you aswell Mr. Bowen.

  • jeff

    hey guys anyone have the download freeze on them??? mine gets up to 289mb then freezes and resets itself…..does anyone know any way around this to complete the download process

  • anon

    can any of this be done using a laptops intel my wifi?
    It all worked fine first time on the normal house network, but since I’m going on deployment soon and I will not have any real network available for personal use I’m wondering if the my wifi could work just fine.
    All in all, I’m annoyed that sony decided that remote play could private connection the 2 devices, the regular controllers use bluetooth, data management is done via usb, but cross controller is done… over wifi? requiring a 3rd network device to handle the communications between the two? doesnt make since.

  • Ben Brown

    Ok, I got the cross controller pack the other day and I just can NOT figure out how the hell to get it working…

    My ps3 and vita both have the latest firmware, i downloaded the LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack and have the bubble sitting on my PS3.

    I open it, a window pops up saying to connect the Vita.
    I plug in the vita, open up content manager and after loading a few seconds it just goes into the normal content manager, nothing special happens.
    I’ve tried copying it to the vita from there but it wont let me.
    I’ve tried downloading the cross controller pack directly from my vita rather than moving it from the PS3, but after downloading it just sits there saying “ready to install” with nothing happening when I press it.

    I’ve sat plugging it all in different orders to see if it helped, trying again and again, but absolutely nothing is happening.

    I really want to get this going, but I just cant figure out what the hell I am supposed to do now…
    Please somebody help.

  • Mickel

    I have done everything under the sun to try to get the cross controller to work and nothing happens. I’m startting to get pissed off. I been messing with this for hours. My vita IS registered with my PS3. They are both on the same PSN ID and wifi network. I got all the DLC I need downloaded on both Vita and PS3. Everything is updated. I just can’t get the LBP 2 cross controller app to download during step 7!!!!!!!!!!! I even tried changing the IP address on the vita manually by one number like suggested by someone else who got it to work that way and still nothing!!!!!!!! Makes me want to break everything! HULK SMASH WHEN HULK ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mickel

    I don’t know why it’s being so difficult. Remote play works fine through private network but it won’t work through the internet. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Edwards

    @Mickel This is generally a port forwarding issue on your router. You may have to login to your router’s management page, set up a static IP for your PS3, then forward the proper ports to the PS3.

  • jackn8r

    I’m sorry I’m still having problems.
    I can’t get past the first part. I connect my Vita to the cross controller and hit next at the same time while I have the planet selected on the PS3, but they won’t connect. It goes on endlessly with nothing happening trying to get the connection. Any help?

  • TheGrimReaper

    Nope. Doesn’t work.
    Why? Why did they make it SO kryptic?!
    When I use cross-controller, it doesn’t do shit!
    I updated them BOTH, downloaded 11 TIMES!, I started content manager 14 times!

  • WhoaLions

    Mine’s not working, I’m at the black screen:Start [LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller]on PS Vita system…
    When I press connect on the Vita, the PS3 seems to go in and out of syncing but never actually finishes.
    It was actually working 100% yesterday, but now when I try to get back on today, it never works.

  • Stmiller1986

    I have followed your instructions and I still get the error about ps vita cannot connect

  • Bob

    I love what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  • Katy

    Ours started working after we changed the DNS numbers so that they were the same on both systems (Public DNS Secondary DNS and also made the IP address on the PS Vita to 1 less than the PS 3 (e.g. if the ps3 IP ends in 15, change it to 14 on the Vita) and then crucially RESTART THE WIRELESS ROUTER – and it all worked perfectly from then on.

  • Katy

    Many thanks for all the brilliant advice, by the way!

  • epicgamernoob

    ive tried everything now even the ip change, i downloaded it once before and it wouldnt connect through the app so i deleted it after changig ip adressand stuff like that. now when i try it constantly restarts the download when my vita connects up :l why doesnt sony fix this?

  • Raul Luzanilla

    I’m still having issues
    I’m still stuck in step one on the cross controller app and idk what to do

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