MLB 12 The Show’s Challenge of the Week for 7/2

By: Louis Edwards


MLB 12: The Show’s challenge of the week is an AL Central match-up.

Details after the jump.


This Week’s Challenge

Rookie sensation Mike Trout goes head to head with the MLB Saves leader Chris Perez in this week’s Challenge of the Week for MLB 12 The Show. The goal is easy: get as many hits and points as possible. Prize this week is a signed CC Sabathia game cover.

Challenge Bonus

Hit Parade
Controlling your hits are a key to success. Collect one of each hit type over the course of a session.
Bonus: 3000 points | X 3 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Session
Hits Required: Home Run (1), Deep Fly (1), Line Drive (1), Weak Hit (1), Put In Play (1)
Stayin’ Alive
With 2 strikes, foul off 10 pitches to keep your streak alive!
Bonus: 500 points | X 4 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Strike
Hits Required: Foul (10)
Good luck to all!
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