PS Vita Update 1.69 Live Now

By: General Press

New optional PS Vita Software Update v 1.69 is now available to download


From the PlayStation Blog

…we wanted to let you know that a minor system software update will be released tonight that improves software stability. The update (v. 1.69) is completely optional, but we did want to give everyone a heads up that it was coming.

The update it 97mb’s in size, so the download should be pretty quick.

  • John

    Vita is dead in the water!

  • Ben C

    Today the VITA hits its stride with METAL GEAR HD Collection and GRAVITY RUSH launching in U.S. Both these games are good enough reasons to pick up the sexy Sony hand held beast!!

  • Jason

    Gravity Rush is just one mediocre game and MGS: HD is WAY better on consoles (Vita doesn’t even have Peace Walker HD). Vita is dead (how ironic) and Sony as a whole will soon follow, just look at their crashing stock and company value. F ’em!

  • Gamer

    Are you gamers or stock analysts?

    I find it hard to believe that any real gamer who isn’t a diluted fanboy would want Sony, one of the only companies constantly pushing new games whose competition pushes other companies as well, to fail.

    “MGS: HD is WAY better on consoles” Yeah? And so is Mario. Your point is invalid.
    I’ll be enjoying great games like Gravity Rush while you wallow in hatred.

  • Jay


    Slow Clap

    You deserve a medal for being a true gamer

    As for John and Jason… you guys are pathetic… why want a company to die? And Gravity Rush is not a mediocre game, its actually incredible with a great story…. you guys just hate on what you cant play

  • Robbie

    I’m with John and Jason. No longer will I ride the Sony overhype and underdeliver train. The Vita is DEAD! The pathetic ones are the PS3tards that fall for the same old Ph0n3y trick over and over again!

  • JB

    Ignoring the haters, I’m waiting for my copy of Gravity Rush and Metal Gear HD for my Vita. Who cares how are the sales of a console/handheld, do you play by popularity (what people are playing?) or because you like games and you consider yourself a true gamer? Enjoy life and enjoy playing videogames!!!

  • VR-4nic

    John & Jason obviously don’t even like gaming as far as I can tell. I guess their enjoying their Kinect and all the badas* exclusive M$ is making this year. Oh! Wait…..thats right besides HaLow 4 what really is there? And NO I don’t need a list, I’ve seen them all and 90% are crap Kinect games. I will say Trials Evo and Alan Wake NS are sweet but its not much in comparison to what Sony has going on. The point thought is anyone that truly loves games would see the need to own all 3 consoles and would not want anyone of the 3 companies to fail for reason that were already stated by “Gamer”. COMPETATION between Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft will always benefit for gamers!

  • Fat Jack Tretton

    Awww, look at all my Sh33p! Aren’t they cute, my flock? Come my precious and throw your money at my mediocrity! Taste the Death with the fakeness of our “Life”!
    True gamers I don’t need as they will soon pierce through my fakeness and underdeliverance. The overhype is strong with me, as it has been with my arrogance!

    Plus VR-4nic…learn how to spell, you F-ín PS3tard! TROLOLOL…

  • Howard

    The update bricked my Vita and I can’t restore it! Be careful guys as I keep getting a black screen!

  • Darius

    Anyone who says vita is a flop is a ****** and knows nothing about the gaming industry. If Sony were to flop, which it won’t then trust me the gaming world would be a whole lot shitter. All the consoles are great. Why does everyone act like they get paid by Sony or MS and back it up like it’s there own company, its just retarded. People like what they like, but if you dont know shit about the competition or haven’t heavily invested in the competition then you aren’t granted to hold any valid opinion. The truth is if you did invest heavily in other consoles then you wouldn’t be saying the shit that you do. The vita is dead people are just a bunch of morons who resemble the idiots that believe everything they read or say on the web. Go **** yourselfs

  • ivan the gr8

    who let children play with the computer today?!? Updates are good for any system. If the Vita is dead then why are the infants posting about it. Are there no empty pre-teen chat rooms available? Grow up.

  • Joe sombody

    new update, nice! just got the gravity rush demo, so nice, a must buy for me.
    cant wait for the youtube app & hulu app update! wish they add flash soon, need to watch my porn on the go lol. and how is the vita dead? I turned it on this morning lol.

  • Donny

    Oh great, another useless and tiresome update. That’s about the only thing Sony did this gen, update after update without any changelog. Watching that bar has become a meme and a farce out of Sony.
    Vita is the worst selling handheld EVER (it IS a FLOP) and the PS3 is a joke in developer land! If Sony dies, another (hopefully better) company will rise in its place and I won’t shed one tear if they do.

  • DocBrown

    @Donny You Mad Bro?

  • john doe

    DUM stupid XBOT FAN KIDS THEY know nothing. I love my vita. IT JUST came out SO its just getting started in time I WILL be playing OPEN WORLD GAMES LIKE infamous,SKYRIM,DARKSOULS,prototype AN MANY MORE! an i will be on youtube,vudu,HULU,SKYPE BTW IM TYPEING THIS message from my VITA AN IM ON THE CITY BUS GOING TO SCHOOL. 3G BABY! BTW I HOPE YOU GUYS KNOW YOU CAN VIDEO CHAT OVER SKYPE ON A 3G NETWORK. TAKE THAT CELLPHONES LOL

  • rob

    the vita is sick . if you dont like playin games with a bunch of nutless jackasses . get the vita hook up with some boys and kick some ass on unit 13 , uncharted , mortal kombat . all games look sick . the vita is not dead in the water it is doing the backstroke . dont hate on it if you have not played it and i dont mean the demo one at bestbuy . find someone who has on and play it tell you what even i thought it would be a waste to get one but now i have 3 so my girl and play and my boys when the come over . the vita is sick and sonys handheld will be sick til the end of time . dont think all because sonys stock droped a few points that they are going to fail . if you look now they are on the rise it always happens at E3 . no one talks about MS stocks even though they should because they look like shit right now MS loses money every year just like all do from time to time . so stop your shit and grow a pair .

  • rob

    i know i cant spell lol typo in there . forgive me i am at work lol later

  • TB

    Wow cool an update. I kinda dont see the change much yet. But i cant wait till persona 4 the golden comes out, that and infamous vita. The vita has a nice future and just for those who do not like sony much. the vita is new, it is not a flop, u gotta give it time like the 3ds, which had very few decent launch games except for street fighter 4 which was pretty good. But now the 3ds has gotten a lot better with its recent releases, the same will be of vita. it just needs time to grow. So if u gonna rant do it somewhere else.

  • Pedja

    Who does not like Vita,must be xbox fan,which is hardly colected the money to buy xbox and too poor to afford PS3 and Vita.Who has Vita,he knows that he is incredibly good.Who does not have a Vita…can not know anything until buy it ;)Sorry for my eng.

  • Yaddayadda

    I think the PS Vita will flop, the PSP had a great run up, but the Vita is doing terrible at the moment. I thought the 3DS was doing pretty crap when it come out but now that i’ve seen what the Vita has to offer i changed my mind.

    Can’t believe these butt hurt Sony fanboys though, they are the worst kind of fanboy. I love my Vita, however i do feel it is failing quite bad at the moment, they really need to release more PSN content or create several new IPs. Just my opinion, but probably not the majority’s, so don’t get butt hurt over it if you are a fanboy lol :p

  • Pedja

    Poor and miserable XBOX fans…i am sorry for u all.:( I’m very proud i am PS3 fan. ;)))

  • Roger

    The Vita is Sony’s biggest flop yet! It’s so much fun watching all these butthurt PoS3tards crying here because someone spoke the harsh truth that Sony is dying a very painful death. I laugh at you little pathetic Sony zealots without any form of IQ because XBOX has NOTHING to do with it, that’s just your pathetic imagination.

  • killbots

    worst fanboyz ? lol, the worst are the fanboyz like you (probably xbox’s one), because youi are not gamers, just pathetic haters in denial, always trying to downplay the best hardware and games, and spreading lies all over internet, sony fanboyz don’t care about your inferior consoles of choice, and don’t even talk about them, like you are doing all day long, because you have no games to play.

    vita is (again) the best hardware available, best oled screen, and best graphics with two analogs for better experience with popular games, like’s just a new console (don’t forget the 3DS in the first months = flop, after a price drop = success) will be a success, like psp or better, and thanks to them for always pushing the limits and inovations (bluray, graphics, etc)

  • Jim Sterling

    Meh, my Smartphone is better than the Vita and you PS3 fanboys know it. That’s why almost nobody is buying it anymore. It sells worse than the PSP right now. But hey we all know it’s the worst selling gaming device of all time.

  • kiliandj

    in what way is your smartphone better than the vita? games are crappy 99cent games that are only good fora few minutes, hardware of the vita is better than most 400€ phones and vita has more controls. Now u give me a point that makes a phone better at gaming then a vita.

  • Louis Edwards

    I love my Droid Bionic but for gaming, the Vita blows it away.

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