Gaming Fact of the Day

By: Geoff Calver

Most Platform Changes During Game Development

While many games publishers are extremely secretive about the games they have in development, Kameo: Elements of Power is known to have been planned as a platform exclusive for three different consoles. Starting life as a GameCube title, the game’s developer, Rare, was bought by Microsoft in 2002 and production switched to Xbox. As the Xbox 360’s release approached, the game’s planned platform was switched again and it finally emerged as a launch title for Microsoft’s seventh generation console in November 2005.

Thanks to Guinness World Records, provider of our Gaming Fact of the Day. Their latest book is Guinness World Records 2010 – Gamer’s Edition, which is available now worldwide.

  • Too Human has that game beat if I remember the history right. Its concept was born in 1994 on the N64, jumped into production on the P.S. 1, was moved to the Gamecube, and finally was released on the Xbox 360 in August, 2008.

    Four consoles and fourteen years of production hell for a less-than-amazing game was pretty harsh.

  • Alan Urtz

    I’m with Eric on this one. Too Human wins in the game of fail.

  • Geoffrey Calver

    Game of fail = Duke Nukem Forever haha. But seriously, I think, from what I’ve found (via Wikipedia, of course, which isn’t always 100% accurate) that Too Human went from PlayStation to GameCube to Xbox 360. Same bouncing around as Kameo but a much longer process!

    This factoid, of course, is courtesy of Guinness World Records but I definitely agree we at least have a tie and tiebreaker goes to Too Human for a longer development.

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